Paradise Beverages
Who We Are
Paradise Beverages is the established market leader in beer distribution in Hawaii and also distributes non-alcoholic beverages and spirits. Dating back to 1948, Paradise Beverages has built its market position through Direct Store Distribution, servicing over 2,000 retail customers in all channels and classes of trade on all major islands through five distribution centers.
Our Portfolio
Paradise Beverages distributes many of the leading brands across the beer category and sub-categories: premium domestic, European import, Mexican import, national craft, regional craft, local craft, flavored malt beverages and hard seltzers. Our non-alcoholic beverage portfolio strength comes from a #3 position in Carbonated Soft Drinks and various other non-alcoholic sub-categories.
Our People
Paradise Beverages has deep local roots and strives to be the employer of choice in food and beverage distribution in Hawaii. Paradise is committed to the proposition that our people are our most important asset. With over 400 employees, Paradise understands that premier service and strong customer relationships are critical to our direct store distribution model and this can only be achieved through a strong employee base and a management team committed to attracting talent and developing its people.